Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore to come to Drexel Monday!

This just in..Zach Braff from Scrubs and Drew Barrymore will be coming to Drexel this Monday to help the Drexel Democrats register voters on campus!

The best way to find out more details is to come to our meeting this Sunday.

First Meeting of the Year
Sunday September 28
6:00 PM
Myers Hall

If only Turk were also coming...

Don't Piss Off Dave!

This video isn't quite the best video on the internet (see below for that video) but it is very funny. Just remember folks, don't cancel on Dave Letterman and then go on another show.

"Are we suspending it because there's an economic crisis or because the poll numbers are sliding?"

The Most Amazing Video on the Internet

Keep in mind, that's not a Sarah Palin impersonator. That's actually the candidate. That's the person who is, as we speak, a candidate for the Vice Presidency only 40 days from the election.

Just amazing.

John McCain Joins Romney, Huckabee

...In suspending his campaign for the presidency. Presumably this suspension will only last until 2012, when he runs for President again at the age of 147.

He wants to delay the debates. Obama camp says they're on.

So what has changed in the last 48 hours to bring about this stunt? The polls. Is anyone putting together a list of the politically motivated reckless decisions of the McCain campaign so far? Between the Russia-Georgia conflict, Sarah Palin, this bailout, and giving Spain the cold shoulder, is there anything that this man takes seriously besides getting elected?

Meanwhile, I hope that the College Republicans aren't don't try to back out of our debates!

Returning to Our Traumatized Mentality

After 9/11, our nation entered a period of shock. Laws were passed that should, perhaps, not have been passed. Bush was given a free hand to do more or less what he wished. The fallout from that can be seen just about everywhere -- foreign policy, the economy, social services, free speech, privacy, and many other fundamental values and services have suffered.

And yet, here we are, teetering on the brink of making the same mistake again. This time, the trigger was not terrorism, but the implosion of our financial system. We have returned to that same fragile state. Congress is unsure what to do, trapped between seeming confident and making sound, measured, decisions.

Bush, once again, has recommended rash measures that make sweeping changes to the way government functions. Under his plan the treasury department would be given unbelievable power to relieve companies of their debt without any oversight or repercussions. This plan has the potential to raise our national debt trillions of dollars and make the Treasury uncontrollable (imagine the difficulties faced by Guantanamo Bay lawsuits, but with both the government and big corporations on the defense).

Luckily, Democrats in Congress are holding firm. Despite what almost sound like threats from Paulson and Bernanke, legislation has not yet been rushed through. Both oversight and direct relief for beleaguered home-owners seem to be in the works. Perhaps the Democratic Party can learn from their mistakes.


Voter Intimidation at Drexel

Voter Intimidation FlyerThis was a busy day registering voters, and in the afternoon, after I got my labwork done, I went back over to our voter registration table. Our Vice President, Dadly, was there and he mentioned that during lunch, he and his friends noticed strange flyers taped to several of the picnic tables near the quad. As he described them, they sounded very suspicious, so he and I went over there to check them out.

There was still one taped to a table, and I was pretty shocked to read it. It was clearly an attempt at voter intimidation targeted at members of the Drexel community. I took it home and scanned it, and you can click it for a larger picture.

It is written as a friendly letter relaying how an "Obama supporter" explained to the author that at the polls this year, police will be checking IDs and license plates to "catch criminals" in and around the polls, including "traffic ticket offenders." This is a disgusting and offensive attempt to provide false information to citizens to keep them from voting. People aren't arrested in this country for voting, no matter how many traffic tickets they get. In fact, in PA, police officers arne't allowed within 100 feet of a polling place on election day, except when they vote as private citizens, or when required to protect the peace.

Scherer Wanks About Renewable Energy

Michael Scherer is apparently one of those Washington journalists who likes politics but gets a nasty headache from the faintest whiff of policy details. Yesterday afternoon he wrote a typically vapid post accusing both Obama and McCain of distorting the others record which has received warranted derision, but only for part of what he wrote. The other part, emphasized by his response to the criticisms (and linked uncritically by Andrew Sullivan) is just as ignorant.

Palin - The Young Face of Old Politics

Young, frank, "perky," "spunky," Sarah Palin is exactly what the Republican Party needed to re-energize and invigorate the tired, old school McCain campaign. The party has found in Palin a counterpoint to Obama -- A hint of "hope" and "truth" in a party so broadly painted as slow, plodding, and untrustworthy. On the radio and in the news one hears mention of the "Palin McCain" ticket, a thought so bizarre I find it difficult to countenance even in today's sensationalist media.

Palin has managed to attain "celebrity" status. The American people have been charmed by her apparent charm. This is, indeed, exactly the situation Obama enjoyed towards the beginning of his campaign.

Youthful, intelligent, American-dream-personified, Obama certainly inspired more irrational fanaticism than I would have liked to see in a presidential campaign. And yet, time, and the media, have brought Obama back down to the humble earth. Passionate speeches, political gaffes, and constant pinpricks from the enemy have illuminated both his strengths and his weaknesses.

It is time for that same process to take hold on the Shining Star of Palin's political persona. No matter what the final destination may be, the uproar and approval brought by Palin must subside. Her arrival changes nothing of substance about the campaign.


Since I've been home, i've been enjoying my last few days with a television and have been taking cnn in through an i.v. palin and mccain have been under my scrutiny during their appearances on everything from the view to hardball to interviews with charles gibson. let me just say that
I don't understand how "the most popular governor in the country" can also be the most publicly dishonest governor in the country.

Just to clarify some popular topics:

1. Palin said "[Alaska] produces nearly 20% of the u.s. domestic supply of energy" (gibson interview) - she thinks that makes her an expert on energy (FALSE)
True-- Alaska's share of domestic energy production is about 3.5%.

2. Palin said (in seven speeches which made my ears bleed) she told congress "Thanks but no thanks to that bridge to nowhere, if we wanted a bridge we would build it ourselves" HAha WHATTT! She supported that bridge THEN congress killed the project THEN she took the 2_ _ million from congress and spent 23!!!!million to build a road that led to where that bridge would have been. Call me crazy but...I think she's crazy.

3. Palin implied that she sold her private jet on ebay
She put her jet up on ebay three times and then the republican party came in and sold it at a loss.

4. Palin said she fired the private chef at the governor's mansion again FALSE.
The republican party reassigned the chef to be a campaign staffer somewhere

Bikes Are Transportation Too

Matt asks "Is Bicycling Transportation?" because Bush's Secratary of Transportation seems to think otherwise. Matt adds:

"And encouraging people, at the margin, to substitute cycling for some of their driving trips would be good for the environment and good for public health. So I don’t see a really compelling case for shifting funding further in the direction of highways."

Which reminds me of another dastardly deed by McCain. Last December, when he killed the renewable energy tax credit extentions (by skipping a vote that failed by one vote, and his was the only absent vote), he also killed a provision about tax credits for bicycle commuting.

The bill that died contained a provision to "extend the transportation fringe benefit to bicycle commuters." The language was taken from H.R.3221, which allowed bicycle commuters to either deduct from their income taxes or be reimbursed by employers for up to $20 per month for "the purchase of a bicycle and bicycle improvements, repair, and storage, if such bicycle is regularly used for travel between the employee's residence and place of employment."