Since I've been home, i've been enjoying my last few days with a television and have been taking cnn in through an i.v. palin and mccain have been under my scrutiny during their appearances on everything from the view to hardball to interviews with charles gibson. let me just say that
I don't understand how "the most popular governor in the country" can also be the most publicly dishonest governor in the country.

Just to clarify some popular topics:

1. Palin said "[Alaska] produces nearly 20% of the u.s. domestic supply of energy" (gibson interview) - she thinks that makes her an expert on energy (FALSE)
True-- Alaska's share of domestic energy production is about 3.5%.

2. Palin said (in seven speeches which made my ears bleed) she told congress "Thanks but no thanks to that bridge to nowhere, if we wanted a bridge we would build it ourselves" HAha WHATTT! She supported that bridge THEN congress killed the project THEN she took the 2_ _ million from congress and spent 23!!!!million to build a road that led to where that bridge would have been. Call me crazy but...I think she's crazy.

3. Palin implied that she sold her private jet on ebay
She put her jet up on ebay three times and then the republican party came in and sold it at a loss.

4. Palin said she fired the private chef at the governor's mansion again FALSE.
The republican party reassigned the chef to be a campaign staffer somewhere

5.. Palin calls Mccain a maverick who reformed Washington. Well...if Palin and McCain consider washington reformed- they are in for a shock because Washington is far from reformed. obviously.

Don't even get me started about the lies she's said about our boy Obama.

6. Mccain and palin keep accusing obama of wanting to raise taxes for everybody when anyone with a brain knows that Obama's plan will lower taxes for 91% of the country.

7. Mccain said Obama called Palin a pig when Obama said "It's like putting lipstick on a pig" . I think we can't hold this against Mccain and Palin because they are unable to fully comprehend political speeches. But for those of you listening to that Obama speech- Obama was referring to Mccain's policy as the pig.

8. McCain said Obama voted for "corporate welfare" for oil companies. In fact, the bill Obama voted for raised taxes on oil companies by $300 million over 11 years while providing $5.8 billion in subsidies for renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels.

Also, for those of you who think it's more impressive that Palin was a mayor than Obama was a community organizer let's just point out that when Palin was mayor of Wasilla the high school had the highest dropout rate in the state and Wasilla was the crystal meth capital of the state.

Good thing Palin isn't the actual presidential candidate.

Go obama. it should be smooth sailing from here, the competition-well..need I say more?