While I was at checking out the PA College Republicans' new website I noticed an amusing error on a protest sign. At a Temple College Republican protest one of the scholars was holding a sign stating "Democrat's (sic) Plan for Iraq" with an arrow pointing to a blank sheet of paper. The context of the protest isn't provided, though the photo title indicates it was a Temple CR "Support the Troops Rally." What holding signs like "Thank you for protesting. -Saddam Hussein" has to do with supporting the troops is beyond me, but that's not my quibble.

I just wanted to point out that the young man with the orange sign had misplaced the apostrophe, indicating the singular possessive (Democrat's) rather than plural possessive (Democrats'). Who this anonymous Democrat was whose Iraq plan was missing wasn't clear.

As a public service to our right wing neighbors at Temple, I wanted to point out the error, and to direct them to Barack Obama's plan for Iraq.

Now go ahead and flame me for writing the most annoyingly quibblesome post on the internet. Feel free to go point out the thousands of typos and misspellings that I've published on this blog. Oh, and by the way, is there a single other student group at Temple that you could take a picture of 12 members and not see a single minority student?