Jamie Nails Another One

Our own Jamie Thompson has written another spot-on Op-ed in Drexel's Student paper, The Triangle. Jamie was responding to this ridiculous letter from last week. The author writes

To ask folks like me to share this identity with gays and lesbians is highly hypocritical of the gay and lesbian community. Now, before I proceed further, let me make one thing clear. I am pro-gay, and I do support with wholeheartedly that equal rights must be granted to the gay/lesbian community. But there is a difference between sharing equal rights and sharing my own identity.
We shall not consider allowing gay marriages to share the same identity of that of regular marriages. It is not tolerance but just incompetence from our part not to act or even stand up for our identity.
We just can't afford to mislead the rest of world by our own incompetence. We should put a stop to this gay marriage concept once and for all.

I wouldn't even know where to begin responding to such a silly letter, but Jamie did an excellent job.

She pointed out that the idea that marraige now is as it ever was, a lifetime monogamous heterosexual relationship, is a modern fiction. The institution of marraige has changed as society has changed through the ages, and any claims to the contrary are just bunk. I won't quote the whole thing, so you can read it all at The Triangle.