Jerome Corsi is Slime

Jerome Corsi, the worthless slug who co-authored the swift boat hit piece on John Kerry in 2004 that questioned whether Kerry earned his medals, despite having never served in uniform himself, is back at it with Barack Obama. Corsi wrote the recently released "The Obama Nation" and it instantly became a New York Times bestseller through the wingnut welfare system (conservative organizations and donors buy books in bulk to inflate sales numbers).

Of course, like the swift boat book, Corsi's latest product is just another pile of innuendo and bullshit, without merit or credibility. Media Matters for America does a fine job debunking specific claims in the book, as they always do. Here is Paul Waldman of MMA, who does an excellent job (Via Atrios) on Larry King Live with Corsi.

Corsi is really a despicable human being. He has a long history of being a bigoted wingnut, and the fact that the conservative movement would let him be a public face astonishes me. The fact that he isn't publically denounced by every Republican from Bangor to Seattle speaks volumes about the character of that party.

The frustrating thing about assholes like Corsi is that it's a lot easier to pee in a pool than clean get it out. So if you have any crazy family members emailing you stuff from Corsi, just direct them to these two posts. Who is Jerome Corsi? and the debunking of the book.