Office Space

We received our office space assignment from the Office of Campus Activities (OCA) the a while back, and surprise surprise, our office mates are...The Drexel College Republicans! I don't know whose bright idea that was, but I think somebody had been watching too many episodes of "The Odd Couple." Naturally, now we won't really use our office. We won't store membership data, voter lists, schedules, briefings, or campaign paraphenalia, because how can we trust the CRs not to mess with it? It's too small to use for meetings, but perhaps it would be good for small meetings with staff, as long as the CRs aren't there at the time.

So I went down and checked it out yesterday, and it seems the CRs have moved in already! Please enjoy these pictures of the small basement office we were assigned to with the CRs. When you walk into the room, their desk is in the back left corner, while ours is the empty one directly to the right, in the opposite corner.

You'll notice that the CR's have taken to decorating with some young Republican posters, and that got Sean and I thinking (always a dangerous proposition): How should we decorate our side?

I think the best way is to let all of you decide. Below you will find ten images and charts that I think would be excellent to decorate our office with. Please check them out, and vote for whichever ones you want us to print out and tack up on the walls.

1) Federal Deficit
2) Bartel's research on incomes under Republicans and Democrats
3) Cumulative job creation of last three presidents (through 2004)
4) Republican economic priorities
5) Relative perceptions of wealth.
6) Maybe party identification of 18-29 year olds?
7) How about the actual impact on supply of lifting the offshore moratorium?
8) Or how about a little context? Oil and gas contributions to the candidates.
9) Maybe something less wonky and more poignant?
10) Finally, an image that would just blow their minds. Obama and the troops.
We're not just doing this to be agitating jerks. I've met and know most of the current CR leadership, and they really aren't horrible people. Hopefully, our interior decorating will spark a constructive dialogue, wherein we can helpfully explain to our friends in the other corner some of the consequences of the policies they support.
Which image(s) should we decorate our office with?
1) Federal Deficit
2) Bartel's graph
3) Bush vs. Clinton Jobs
4) Republican priorities
5) Perceived Wealth
6) Young voters Party ID
7) OCS supply
8) McCain's big oil friends
10) Obama with the troops