Mpg wanted? King Midget is the answer!

Consumers are seeing gas guzzling autos with dirty air because of congested highways. Although this has improved by fuel efficient vehicles, it can still improve. Present opportunities for change are frequently quite costly. There is an answer from our past that might help us out. A car made from 1946 to 1970, the King Midget, boasts big mpg numbers.

King Midget is said it 'will be the future kings of the road'

King Midget automobiles are followed by numerous according to an interview of Dick Messer by AutoWeek. Since the vehicle is small and inexpensive, it makes complete sense. The two-door convertible micro cars (70-plus-inch wheelbase) were initially sold as kits for $ 49, and these kits integrated the frame, axles, springs, steering and patterns to cut sheet metal for the body. They were also sold assembled. The engines could vary from 6 hp to 12 hp big blocks. 50 to 70 mpg figures are possible in the King Midget with up to 50 mph also. In the 1950s, prices were from $ 500 to $ 1,000, as reported by Wikipedia.

Why did the King Midget die?

One big concern was safety. Production of the King Midget ended in 1970s as federal crash requirements became more stringent. There were only 5,000 cars made. Most cars made now are strong enough to absorb shock; drivers of the King Midget cars would feel all that. They get some great mileage though?

Need used car loans for a King Midget?

Clicking the button below can help. Since you'll not get the King Midget at a normal dealer, make certain they will fund private party purchases. The International King Midget Car Club link is where you will be able to see cars you are able to purchase. It can cost as little as $ 1,000.

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