Obama on immigration reform - Make it so

Now that the dust has started to settle on the Arizona immigration law, President Obama doesn't want immigration issues to be swept into a corner because some Republicans lack the will to take action. According to the Associated Press, Obama called the immigration reform hesitancy on the part of 11 swing GOP senators to the carpet. When they'd been with the president on immigration reform in the past, election-year back scratching has them blowing with the wind.

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Obama wants immigration to stay a strong issue

The new Arizona law might not have the president's full seal of approval (he calls it "ill-conceived"), but it has been a rallying point for his own brand of immigration reform. The broken system of fences and non-military guard is far from enough. Border security should be front and central in the government's mind, says the president. Companies should then pay heavily if they break the law and hire illegal immigrants. Those who do enter The US illegally should also take responsibility for their actions and instantly work to rectify the wrong by working to become citizens. Achieving these ends will require bipartisan report, which is why the president directed the razor's edge of his comments at the weak-kneed Republicans in question.

The GOP response fails to win over

Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona says border security and immigration reform must happen in succession, instead of in a united movement. The other Republicans Obama was addressing believe in a comparable model. Considering recent AP polls (where 57 percent of respondents stated that illegal immigration is a drain on society and 80 percent felt the federal government should do more to curb illegal immigration), perhaps the hesitancy of politicians like Kyl is what's ill-conceived.

Obama and his immigration policy view

Obama endorses the immigration bill of Sens. Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham, who place the onus on the illegal immigrant to own up to their misdeeds. Fines, back taxes and community service would be involved, also as the eventual date upon which legal status would be obtained. Yet as the AP indicates, Graham has backed down like the GOP swing voters, fearing for his election-year political life.

SB 1070 is just a single step

Full accountability could be the key to effective immigration reform and border security. Per Obama's wishes, SB 1070 will bolster existing border security and make it clear that The United States will not abide by the status quo. Inaction is no longer acceptable; in fact, repeating it would be an admission that one condones the broken system.