Kwame Kilpatrick latest news - He is going to prison

Former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick has violated the terms of his probation. Part of his probation was that he was required to make restitution payments from earlier court cases, and he failed to make sufficient payments. He will serve no less than eighteen months of a five year sentence for the parole violation. He was a controversial figure in and out of office.

Article Source: Kwame Kilpatrick latest news - He is going to prison

Kwame Kilpatrick sentenced to five years

Kwame Kilpatrick pled guilty to obstruction of justice in 2008, for which he served 99 days. He was ordered to repay $ 1 million to the City of Detroit for the offenses. After he failed to make sufficient payments on time, a warrant was issued for his arrest by Judge David Groner. Kwame Kilpatrick also was accused of hiding assets from the court, including real estate and Cadillac Escalades. He said he was oblivious as to who had paid for them, according to the New York Times. Even if he had a high priced attorney on retainer using a personal loan to get one, it wasn't sufficient.

The original scandals

It would make Rod Blagojevich proud to see the scandal that brought Kwame Kilpatrick down. He used city property in sending lascivious text messages to his chief of staff, Christine Beatty, as the two were involved in an extramarital affair. When an investigation began in 2007, he fired two police officers to prevent them from discovering it. He was sued, and he committed perjury to cover the affair during the trial. He reached an $ 8.4 million and was then indicted on eight felony counts including perjury and obstruction of justice. He pled guilty, serving 99 days and was ordered to pay $ 1 million in restitution along with abdicating as mayor.

Violation of Probation

The Kwame Kilpatrick latest news is that he failed to make those payments. Judge Groner reviewed his finances, and found the disclosure and payment effort lacking. His pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. Kilpatrick has failed to pass go, collect $ 200, and is going right back to jail.

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