Health Care Resources

I'm sure many of you, like myself, followed the Health Care Debate over the last few weeks and is very pleased with the passage of the bill! An important part of the health care bill dealt with student loans, an issue that's very important to many college students.

The links below will tell you more about the bill, help you understand it and make better sense of all of the things you've heard over the past few weeks. Check them out!

* Obama Signs Bill on Student Loans and Health Care
* How Different People Will Be Affected by Health Care Reform
* See How Your Representative Voted!
* Speaker Pelosi's Resource Page for All Things Health Care GREAT RESOURCE!!
* Implementation Timeline
* Provisions That Will Take Affect Immediately
* What's In It For Young Americans SPECIFIC TO PEOPLE OUR AGE!

I hope these resources were beneficial to everyone. If anyone has any links they'd like to share with the Dems, including articles, blogs, media, etc, please send them my way!