Vote! It's Election Day

Today is Tuesday May 19th and that means if you're registered to vote in the city of Philadelphia, it's very important that you get out there and vote! Turnout is always lower in primaries, so your vote counts that much more. Early reports are that turnout is very low across the city, and as Dan U-A notes, that only empowers entrenched political machines to decide the election. If you think Philadelphia deserves better, then do something about it.

The only endorsement we made in this election is Seth Williams, the candidate for District Attorney. He's the rare candidate that brings both experience and a fresh perspective to this important job, and Philadelphia desperately needs a smart, competent DA. He has also been endorsed by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Fraternal Order of Police, Liberty City Democrats, Neighborhood Networks, and many other groups in the city. Check out his website at

There are a number of other positions to vote on, and though we haven't endorsed anyone in those races, our old Obama organizer was working for Leon King, for judge. Young Philly Politics has others they've endorsed here.

You vote at the same place you voted in November, which is at Van R hall if you live in any of the dorms or University crossings.

Don't forget; If you don't vote, you don't get to complain!