A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bathroom

The way back, actually. So tonight, like every Tuesday, the center city chapter of Drinking Liberally met at Triumph Brewery on 2nd and Chestnut. Around 8 I went to the bathroom, and on the way back up, walking past the first booth in the place, I thought to myself, "Self, that guy really looks like Pat Toomey!"

Now, poli-sci geek that I am, this would have been exciting any day, but today was even more special. After -all, Pat Toomey is the right-wing firebrand who was set to whoop Arlen Specter by 20-30 points in the GOP primary, which led Arlen to switch parties just this afternoon. On this day more than any other, Toomey was topical. And he had decided to have dinner in the same restaurant as the weekly Drinking Liberally. Life is full of irony.

When I went back upstairs I walked up to Duncan and Noz and said "I'm about 50% sure that Pat Toomey is downstairs right now." As Noz relays at his blog, he then googled what Toomey looked like, and went to scout it out, reporting back "That guy really looks like Pat Toomey."

Naturally, I found this quite satisfying, because I don't think that anybody trusted my identification of him. Then a number of people raced downstairs to confirm, and Brendan actually got in a longish discussion with him. Here's the evidence:

Now, if you're saying to yourself "Man, I recognize that handlebar mustache, even in profile!" its probably either because you recognize him as profiled by Philly Weekly (Citizen Pain) or because you saw Brendan's mug in a couple pictures circulating the web from the Tea Parties a couple weeks ago. Here he is Teabagging (getting teabagged by?) a teabag at PhillyBits:
My personal favorite, however, is this picture of him holding the sign I gave him reading "Down With Sodomy! Up With Teabagging!" That image, that Ray took, made it to the front page of DKos.

So that's the story of when I recognized Pat Toomey at a bar the day he forced a sitting senator to switch parties. It pretty much makes me famous. For corraborating accounts, see:

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