Two of My Favorite Things

Since John has been doing such a great job on the website I thought it was about time I gave it a shot at posting. It being my first post and all I think it's perfect to start out with two of my favorite things in the world........The Drexel Democrats and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. While filming the new season Charlie Day of the show and one of my favorite TV characters of all time, took a little time to unofficially and unknowingly show some love to the Drexel Dems!

For those of you who watch the show you will recognize that Charlie is wearing the Green Man suit. With the Green Man on hand there is no doubt that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will have another great season starting September 18th. And with the Green Man and Barack Obama on their side there is no doubt that the Drexel Democrats are going to have another amazing year as well. Do I hear back to back student organization of the year?

Since you are on our website already there is no need to promote the Drexel Democrats, instead I will promote It's always Sunny in Philadelphia with their new video and commercial.