Seth Williams Announces for District Attorney

On Saturday morning Seth Williams, a former ADA, former Inspector General, and all around good guy, officially announced his candidacy for District Attorney of Philadelphia. Seth spoke eloquently and at length about not just his experience and community involvement in Philadelphia, but about the challenges the DA's office faces, and his concrete agenda for addressing them. I won't try to relay his remarks from memory, but his plan for neighborhood prosecutions as part of his agenda to improve the effectiveness of the DA's office earned him plaudits when he ran in 2005, and he is still advocating for it. It was exciting to hear him speak about the need to smarter policies, not just tougher policies, and he stressed the overlapping areas of education, economic development, community development, and crime prevention.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Seth for DA (and co-chair of Philly Students for Seth Williams), and according to the first poll of this race he is off to a strong start. This is a race that I think college students in Philadelphia can and will stay active for. We have a tremendous opportunity coming off the recent Presidential election, where all the first time voters we registered in the fall can vote in the primary. It's unusual for college students to become involved in local politics, but everything I'm seeing and hearing indicates that people are still excited and engaged. Change starts at home.

This is a race that I think the Drexel Democrats, and other College Democrat groups in the city, will be watching closely and working hard on, hopefully for Seth Williams. Disclaimer: I am speaking only for myself and the Drexel College Democrats have not voted yet to endorse anyone in this race.

You can find his website at