Funny, But Enough Already

I thought that the video of Palin giving the interview right in front of the turkey slaughter was amusing, and I must say, this collection of MSNBC chyrons was pretty funny. Somebody was just having a good time in the control booth when they wrote the following chyrons;

Gov Palin apparently oblivious to turkey carnage over her shoulder.

Turkeys die as Governer Palin takes questions from the media

And so on, and so forth. Click image for a larger version.

But enought already! David Shuster spent another 10 minutes discussing it tonight on Countdown, and it's just way too much. The election is over, and Sarah Palin is now just Joe the Governor. Sarah Palin was grotesquely unqualified to hold the office of the Vice President, intellectually and otherwise, but there's nothing about this interview that shows bad judgement or particular callousness on her part. I won't accept umbrage from anyone who isn't a vegan, and it's worth pointing out that the slaughter going on around her was significantly more human than most factory farms and slaughterhouses, as Ana-Marie Cox noted.

(via PhillyBits)