What Ray Said

Yesterday Ray over at PhillyBits patiently explained to the denser than usual ALa at Blonde Sagacity that no, there is no "Cult of Obama." This debate was tiresome before the voting even started in the primary, but Ray does a great (and funny) job of going over all the salient points.

The only thing I would add is that those crying "cult!" aren't really making a good faith argument. The goal isn't to make a point for the ten thousandth time, it's to belittle those of us that concluded that Obama and his policies would be better for more people than McCain. It's made to dismiss us, not to engage us, and above all to make ALa and her ilk feel better about themselves for living in the 13th century.

I do find it interesting, though, that this charge has been leveled so often and so vociferously by supporters of President Dubya Bush, a Presidency built on personality until the country started crashing down around him. Remember this fun from over the summer, when the GOP platform was rewritten to scrub the references to Bush, found on 91 of the document's 100 pages? This administration campaigned and governed on an idealogy of incompetence and corruption, but was hailed and defended by "conservatives" because Bush had a certain swagger and a cowboy hat.

So spare us the "cult" chatter.

(As an addendum, I'm not a regular reader of ALa, but I do see that she embraced the Newt Gingrich theory of sloganeering-as-energy-policy, meaning that I will continue to not be a regular reader of her blog.)