College Republican Fail

There's a lot of schadenfreude going around regarding the Ashley Todd fiasco, and as much fun as it is, I think that Duncan's notes about the role of the media are worth digesting. And I agree, she really should have gone with the "O."

My sanctimony notwithstanding, there is a hilarious twitter feed that the College Republican field organizers were using that is now all Todd all the time. It's hashed as #litf08 (life in the field 08), and contains some pretty hilarious zingers from gloating Obamaphiles. To wit;

I wasn't going to say anything, but a McCain supporter savagely beat me with a walker & carved a backwards M into my face.

Hmm, it was an okay Obama frame-job, just a few inconsistencies snagged you. Overall I'd give you a "B".

Man, you little Atwaters should have stuck to the affirmative action bake sales.