The Dumbest Corner of the Internet

I've long maintained that the NRO Corner is one of the most concentrated bastions of stupidity on the internet. The PUMAs tried to give them a run for their money, but the Corner maintains it's edge by sheer volume and diversity of stupid voices. In a qiuck, unattributed, item on Monday the Corner makes the case that Palin is totally smarter than Joe Biden, it's just that he projects confidence by bluffing, and she's too honest to pretend to know the answer to something she doesn't.

That's run of the mill stupid, though. The thing that makes it worthy of ridicule is the absurd recitation of her merits;

Sarah Palin has won several tough elections, mastered energy policy, and persuaded more than 80 percent of Alaskans that she's doing a fine and competent job as chief executive of their state.

Palin hasn't shown any evidence of mastering anything, let alone energy policy. In fact, she has routinely shown that she is misinformed and ignorant about the state and future of our energy needs. Her experience consists of being on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for a year, and being governor of a state that has lots of fossil fuel stores.

Her statements betray not just support for misguided policies, but a fundamental ignorance about the issue. Over and over.

She never even addresses the plethora of energy issues beyond oil and gas leases. What are her positions on revenue decoupling, grid infrastructure investments, simpler net metering and interconnection standards? I don't know, but I suspect they're not on her radar.

Finally, one of her most blatently illogical answers in her VP debate intersects with this. She claimed that she didn't know and didn't care what the cause of global warming is, but that we should do something about it anyway. Read that again and tell me with a straight face that this person isn't an idiot. If you can't or won't attribute the cause, how can you decide what to do? How does she percieve the need for a carbon cap-and-trade if she doesn't care if CO2 is causing global warming?

Just another piece of stupid from the NRO Corner.