Renato's Obama Experience

Renato, our Obama intern, recently posted this video on his Facebook and on YouTube. It's an account of his experience and I wanted to post it because it really is an account of all of our experiences too. There's also a few shots of the staging location and of the party truck. Check it out!


Congratulations to our newly elected officers for 2009.

President- Giancarlo Stefanoni
Vice President- Elise Thomson-Hohl
Treasurer- Babs Tennent
Events Director- Kelsey Poole
Social Events Director- Anna Sparrevohn
Membership Director- Alexa Fuentes
Political Director- Lydia Pappas
Community Outreach- Krystle Wilson
Technology Director- Sam Chenkin
And Sean Miller assumes the Chairmanship when he steps down as President.

Thank you to those of you who ran, we look forward to working with you in the near future. Also, thank you to all of you who came out to the meeting, we'll see you all at our first meeting of the new year in January!

Only a Month Late...

I came across a site that has compiled pretty much every Obama button for sale on the internet. If only we would have seen this site about a month ago and we could have all had pins to relate to.

I've picked out a few personal choices for fellow Drexel Dems...(Click the Read More!!!)







protest pro H8

as many of you know we took great strides on nov 4 but america also had a huge set back, the passing of proposition 8 and other bands on gay rights around the country. on nov 15 (saturday) proest are being held all over the counrtry.
i will be attending and anyone is welcome to goin
philadelphias location is at city hall market and broad. the plan is now to meet and mario and leave at 1pm, the protest starts at 1:30.
like i said anyone is welcome even if they are not in drexel dems.
the web sight is to bet other info
we go rain or shine so be prepared for the wheather forcast.
bring signs

and if you plan on attending please call me, email, post comments, or face book me

this is really funny

now that the campaign is over many people are wondering what sarah palin will do now. this web site predicts her and others future

Something to relate to..

I had been paying constant attention to the election for well over a year now. And since the Pennsylvania primaries, minus two months of summer, I've been involved on some level with a campaign...sometimes constantly and others here and there. Regardless, now that it is all over and all that is left to do is watch CNN talk about the terrible economy or who Barack Obama is going to pick for his cabinet (not that that isn't interesting)...I really have nothing to do. I once again find myself as a stereotypical college kid, drinking on weekenights and aimlessly surfing the internet... And by internet I mean facebook. I'm sure a lot of you find yourself this way too so I felt it necessary to post this video. While it's clearly a's very true.

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are


The Front Lines

Today, I'm working on the front lines, at a polling location in Mantua (northeast University City). As a line-manager for the campaign, its my job to keep voters happy and in line. In this area, most voters are african american or students, and vote overwhelming for Obama, so everyone that leaves the lines is a vote lost.

For me, this election is massively important. In my 21 years, I have become a jaded American no trust for any politician. I no longer believed that the political process could be anything but mind-numbingly slow, tedious, and unresponsive. Voting was an empty gesture, indicating displeasure but failing to bring change. For me, the system would never change. Obama changed that, has given me a reason to believe change was possible. Possible, but not inevetable.

Today, I have hope. Today, I think that the young people of this country have a chance.

But that is nothing compared to the voters I am here to help. These people remember seperate but equal. They remember the civil rights movement. One of the obama election observers is a lawyer from New York, and she shared her memories of segregated drinking fountains as a child. Countless voters have come out almost in tears; the air is festive, people linger on the sidewalk to share memories of the past and revel in, dare I say it, hope.

For these voters, this election represents far more than than the possibility of change for the political sytem. The election represents hope for America itself.

As an extraordinarily white kid from an upper-middle class suburb, to have this experience is an increadible honor, and one that will stay with me.

The lines are starting to pick up now, I better get back to work -- otherwise I may need to pack for canada.


a good reminder

John Mccain's "Women's Issues" on The Daily Show

Ballot Questions -- Know before you go

I remember going to the polls for the first time back in April and being utterly confused by the verbosity of the ballot initiatives. It took me a few minutes to read them, re-read them, and make a decision on one and decide not to vote on the other because I still didn't know what it meant.

This time around, I'm checking them out before I go. The Committee of Seventy has a great page about what questions will be on the ballot Nov. 4, and even explains them in plain English!

Check out this editorial on the first ballot initiative about funding our water infrastructure -- which is phrased sooo negatively, seriously..."Do you favor the incurring of indebtedness by the Commonwealth of $400,000,000" if anyone is going to vote for something starting out like that during this economic crisis? It sounds like a lot, but that $400 million will go toward creating jobs and bettering our infrastructure, which is really what we need in an economic downturn -- not corporate welfare bailout after bailout.