Bucks County Green Living Festival

Who: The Farm School at Snipes is a non-profit educational organization that exists to model and teach sustainable farming, while building community and reconnecting people to the land. We feature farm to school programs, community supported agriculture (csa), orchards and a solar powered cider barn, among other green initiatives.

What: The Bucks County Green Living Festival will bring together families, students, businesses, non-profit organizations, and educators who are interested in sharing ideas and information about making our lives, our communities, and the planet – a healthier, sustainable and more joyous place. This event will feature sustainable living techniques such as organic gardening, alternative energy demonstrations, green building construction, and healthy living workshops. In addition, the festival will feature local food, vendors, a variety of fun family activities, and live music from Natural Breakdown and Hoots and Hellmouth.

When: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where: Snipes Farm, 890 West Bridge Street, Morrisville, PA 19067

Why: The devastating impact of global warming requires that individuals and communities live more sustainably.


100 Days of President Obama

Come check out "100 Days of President Obama" tonight! It's a student panel discussion about the Obama administration also featuring the Drexel Republicans and Student Liberty Front. Discussion moderated by Prof. Scott Knowles. Q & A to follow.

Starts at 7:30 in Mitchell Auditorium in Bossone (JFK Blvd and Market St)

Malcolm X Park Tree Planting-April 25th

Lindy Scholars with Seth Williams -April 18th

Dems Endorse Seth Williams for D.A.

We have chosen to endorse Seth Williams as the Democratic nominee for Philadelphia’s upcoming District Attorney race.

The Drexel Democrats voted overwhelmingly in support of Williams because of the range of experience and initiatives that he will bring to the office. The endorsement kicks off three months of support and volunteer efforts for Williams’ campaign in anticipation of the May 19 Democratic primary. For more information about Seth William’s campaign, visit

The endorsement took place following an open forum with the Democratic candidates for District Attorney. The Drexel Democrats co-hosted the forum with the Penn Democrats of the University of Pennsylvania. The forum was held to introduce students to the candidates and their agendas so that a meritorious endorsement could be made.

View the campaign's official press release here:

D.A. Candidates Forum on 2/16

We will be co-hosting, with Penn Dems, an Open Forum with the Democratic Candidates for District Attorney. Here is all of the information:

District Attorney Candidates’ Forum (D.A. Election May 19th)
Monday, February 16th at 5:30 PM
Terrace Room, Claudia Cohen Hall

The Candidates Are:
Seth Williams
Dan McElhatton
Michael Turner
Brian Grady
Dan McCaffery

Candidates will each receive 2 minutes for opening and closing statements. There will then be a moderated panel for 20-30 minutes and then they will entertain questions from the audience. The event should last about an hour.

This is a very important election in Philadelphia and the District Attorney often goes on to higher elected positions. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) once held the post and Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) was also did prior to becoming Mayor and then Governor.

The Drexel Dems will meet at 5:00pm (no later) outside of the front doors of the Hagerty (Drexel’s) Library. We will then head over to Penn as a group. If you wish to head over on your own or have to come a little late, here is the information on how to get there:

This building is in the Perelman Quadrangle (Between Walnut and Spruce, off of 34th Street, (Enter on Walnut St., across from CVS).
Here are maps that should help:Map - Building -

This event promises to be exciting and is very important. It will play a large role in the future of Drexel Dems. Please attend and bring questions!

Gay Marriage Panel Discussion Response

I took some notes during the panel discussion that I wanted to share.
"(XX + XY) + (xx or xy) = family" and "(parent/guardian) + (offspring/children) = family"
"What would the world look like if true equality existed for all?"
"Are we still saying we are one country under God? Have we settled on one God? Is the President sworn in on the Bible because that is what he chose? Does he place his hand on the Bible because it is what is accepted truth and foundation and he needs the support, or rather we need to televise that this is happened with faith?"
Is it so different so discriminate against someone for their religion as for their race or their sexuality?
Why does passing laws really take that long? Are we so afraid of "shaking up" tradition? Why is progress seen as radical movement?
Also, after I stopped resisting the two people on the panel I disagreed with (the Republican, and the woman from Campus Crusaders), I became moved and inspired by their responses and by the passion in everyone's participation. I started listening to what the panel members had to say instead of deciding what they had to say before they opened their mouths. I also connected with the panel discussion because I am working on a French paper discussion tolerance in the context of racism.
I think the way people often think of tolerance is by saying "I accept the other beliefs and their beliefs don't effect my beliefs, therefore they cannot harm me". Someone can be tolerant of another's view, but in being tolerant you are recognizing that other belief as wrong. It is only in the true acceptance of another's belief that its effect on you can disappear. True acceptance comes from regarding the "problem" as simply a part of them, as neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, I believe this is where we may find true freedom to express and me what and who we believe.
That was fun.

2/8 Meeting Recap

Thanks to all of you who came out to the meeting tonight. If you did not, you missed a very productive meeting so I'd just like to recap everything we covered.

-We shared inauguration stories and experiences.

-We unanimously voted in favor of endorsing candidates in the future. This provides an opportunity to support a candidate to the fullest extent as an organization and many volunteer opportunities.

-We will be participating/attending an open forum with the 2008 Democratic candidates for District Attorney in the near future. Dates and location TBA. This event will be in conjunction with the Penn Dems and possibly other college democrats. We will endorse a candidate the following Sunday after the forum.

-Leon King, Candidate for Judge in the Court of Common Pleas, came and spoke to us about his experience, campaign and the importance of judges and the judicial system in Philadelphia. Visit if you are interested.

-We are in the process of planning voter registration and education drives in anticipation for the May primaries.

-We will be cosponsoring a film event with the Women's Studies program. We will be showing "Iron Jawed Angels", a film about the women's suffrage movement of the 1900's starring Hilary Swank. This event will be held March 13th* at 5pm in Nesbitt 125 (Ruth Auditorium). Free food served. *Note the date change from March 6th.

-We encouraged everyone to sign up for an account on and feel free to blog about anything politically related.

-Most importantly, we will be participating in an event this Tuesday at 7pm. Our social director, Anna, will be representing us on the "Scrutiny of Marriage" discussion about Prop 8, Same-Sex Marriage, etc. Anna brings experience as a member of her high school's Gay-Straight Alliance and a California native, the home of Prop 8. See blog post below.

Here is the link to the Facebook Event:

Panel on Gay Marriage

We will be participating in the following panel discussion This Tuesday, February 10th at 7pm in Disque 103.

This event will be worth CEO credit. Light refreshments will be served.
The Foundation of Undergraduates for Sexual Equality is teaming up with Commuter, Graduate, and Transfer Student Programs and Services to host a discussion panel on same sex marriage and the recently passed California Proposition 8. The panel members are representatives from several Drexel organizations, including:

FUSE, Outlaw, Student Liberty Front, Drexel Democrats, Drexel Republicans, Campus Crusade for Christ.

Our aim is to educate members of the Drexel community about same sex marriage and Prop. 8 while representing all viewpoints on the subject.

View the Facebook event page here:

Sunday Meeting

Hey guys, I'm back in Philly, and Giancarlo invited me to come to the meeting on Sunday with the new candidate for Leon King. Please go check the website out, read the bio, sign up for updates, or to volunteer. The site is Can't wait to y'all on Sunday. -TJ