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Gay Marriage Panel Discussion Response

I took some notes during the panel discussion that I wanted to share.
"(XX + XY) + (xx or xy) = family" and "(parent/guardian) + (offspring/children) = family"
"What would the world look like if true equality existed for all?"
"Are we still saying we are one country under God? Have we settled on one God? Is the President sworn in on the Bible because that is what he chose? Does he place his hand on the Bible because it is what is accepted truth and foundation and he needs the support, or rather we need to televise that this is happened with faith?"
Is it so different so discriminate against someone for their religion as for their race or their sexuality?
Why does passing laws really take that long? Are we so afraid of "shaking up" tradition? Why is progress seen as radical movement?
Also, after I stopped resisting the two people on the panel I disagreed with (the Republican, and the woman from Campus Crusaders), I became moved and inspired by their responses and by the passion in everyone's participation. I started listening to what the panel members had to say instead of deciding what they had to say before they opened their mouths. I also connected with the panel discussion because I am working on a French paper discussion tolerance in the context of racism.
I think the way people often think of tolerance is by saying "I accept the other beliefs and their beliefs don't effect my beliefs, therefore they cannot harm me". Someone can be tolerant of another's view, but in being tolerant you are recognizing that other belief as wrong. It is only in the true acceptance of another's belief that its effect on you can disappear. True acceptance comes from regarding the "problem" as simply a part of them, as neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, I believe this is where we may find true freedom to express and me what and who we believe.
That was fun.