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The final debate

Obama's lead and momentum prove, all he needs to do is to "stay the course" and not get off message and off topic. Good luck Barack. The White House is yours to take.

Dear John McCain

The VP Debate

So basically, the way I see it, Sarah Palin will soon be forced to show the American people how stupid she really is [as if Katie Couric didn't prove it enough]. Joe Biden is about to destroy her verbally and in reality, this debate will allow the Democrats to take an even larger lead in the polls.

So the problem I have is this...what if Sarah Palin gets pulled from the ticket as Kathleen Parker would want the GOP to do.

"Her big interview of the week, with CBS News anchor Katie Couric, was sufficiently cringe-making to inspire conservative columnist Kathleen Parker to conclude sadly that for the good of the ticket and the country, Palin should declare she wants to spend more time with her family and step down. And watching her with Couric, you had to wonder what happened to the spirited, sparkling character who swept onstage in St. Paul and turned the race upside down." Quote from "In Search of Sarah Palin" by Nancy Gibbs read the whole article here:

Sarah Palin is nothing more than a liability, a lie, and an attempt by the GOP to allow a woman to enter the "Ol' Boys Club" but the fact is Palin is never seen outside of staged photo-ops and at McCain's side to boost the drawing power of the GOP.

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