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Philadelphia: the City of Brotherly Love

Notice the Obama/Biden signs in the background when she drops the puck (and the metaphorical ball) in the upper right-hand corner.

A Maverick? Or a Leader?

In more than one channel tonight they rhetorically asked if we were heading towards a new depression.

What kind of mentality is this?

The Washington Post's homepage today had a main story on the bailout bill, and two sub-stories, one titled "Obama urges calm" while the other was named "McCain blames Dems." This alone says so much about the state of our Republic, and the environment in which we trudge forward in this election.

"Obama urges calm." What does that tell us, what does that invoke in us? Here we have someone who is able to set aside desperation, who is able to take a step back and make a rational decision that puts the country above all. At times Barack's been accused of being "too cool" yet in these uncertain times I think nothing less is called for, as we try to sanely maneuver the pitfalls of Wall Street.