September 2008

Lieberman's Great Speech

Wow. Just wow. I think that Joe Lieberman is a phony and a charlatan, but he just delivered one hell of a keynote at the Republican convention. Here is the video:

He hit all the right notes; Um, ladies and gentlemen, and did it with his folksy charm and trademark cadence. That was a dagger to Obama's heart.

(In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic!)


I caught a small amount of the RNC tonight, but I saw enough. I saw Fred Thompson call Obama a baby killer. I saw Joe Lieberman cuddle up to his right-wing overlords. I saw one of the 36 black GOP delegates. And I saw a markedly different attitude towards military service than the GOP showed four years ago.

Everywhere I looked I saw signs with "Service," "Country First," and slogans honoring POWs and veterans. But I'll never forget that this was the party that distributed band-aids with purple hearts on them to mock Sen. John Kerry's service just four short years ago. Suddenly the party that swiftboated on behalf of a draft dodger is running on a platform of service to one's country? Spare me.