Palin - The Young Face of Old Politics

Young, frank, "perky," "spunky," Sarah Palin is exactly what the Republican Party needed to re-energize and invigorate the tired, old school McCain campaign. The party has found in Palin a counterpoint to Obama -- A hint of "hope" and "truth" in a party so broadly painted as slow, plodding, and untrustworthy. On the radio and in the news one hears mention of the "Palin McCain" ticket, a thought so bizarre I find it difficult to countenance even in today's sensationalist media.

Palin has managed to attain "celebrity" status. The American people have been charmed by her apparent charm. This is, indeed, exactly the situation Obama enjoyed towards the beginning of his campaign.

Youthful, intelligent, American-dream-personified, Obama certainly inspired more irrational fanaticism than I would have liked to see in a presidential campaign. And yet, time, and the media, have brought Obama back down to the humble earth. Passionate speeches, political gaffes, and constant pinpricks from the enemy have illuminated both his strengths and his weaknesses.

It is time for that same process to take hold on the Shining Star of Palin's political persona. No matter what the final destination may be, the uproar and approval brought by Palin must subside. Her arrival changes nothing of substance about the campaign.

Palin is nothing more than a pretty young face on the old, tired politics of the Republican Party. Against legal abortion, for prayer in school (though she has not yet made it part of her political agenda), focused on lowering taxes to the exclusion of all else -- nothing in her portfolio even slightly deviates from what one would expect from the party.

It is her personable nature that blinds so many Americans to her faults. Like Bush, she has walked onto center stage to steal the spotlight, deftly sidestepping important issues and policy to focus attention on the petty and urbane.

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