Hyper-Timid Accommodationist Bullshit

Over the weekend Matt Yglesias went and criticized the Sheinhardt Wig Company, and late last night his CAP overlord popped onto his blog to disavow the sentiments.

Now, besides being a remarkably tone deaf PR move, and a gross violation of all internet traditions, it struck me as a bit stupid. Does this now mean that CAP implicitly endorses Matt's blog posts? Sure, he's writing for himself only, but when some posts rise to the level of late-night blog-intruding disavowals, and others don't, doesn't that create an editorial distinction?

The incident has already generated more comments on Matt's blog then I've ever seen before, and it's generating a quite a bit of discussion around the blogosphere. If it's accomplished anything at all, it's cemented the phrase "hyper-timid incrementalist bullshit" as the slogan of the Third Way.

PR accomplished!