Ballot Questions -- Know before you go

I remember going to the polls for the first time back in April and being utterly confused by the verbosity of the ballot initiatives. It took me a few minutes to read them, re-read them, and make a decision on one and decide not to vote on the other because I still didn't know what it meant.

This time around, I'm checking them out before I go. The Committee of Seventy has a great page about what questions will be on the ballot Nov. 4, and even explains them in plain English!

Check out this editorial on the first ballot initiative about funding our water infrastructure -- which is phrased sooo negatively, seriously..."Do you favor the incurring of indebtedness by the Commonwealth of $400,000,000" if anyone is going to vote for something starting out like that during this economic crisis? It sounds like a lot, but that $400 million will go toward creating jobs and bettering our infrastructure, which is really what we need in an economic downturn -- not corporate welfare bailout after bailout.