Thank You Rachel Leigh Cook and Mehcad Brooks!

As you all know, actor Mehcad Brooks and actress Rachel Leigh Cook stopped by Drexel on Monday to help with our voter registration efforts. I have to say, they both did a great job! They got students excited and won a few converts; students who weren't going to register but ended up doing it when they realized how important this election is.

Thank you Rachel and Mehcad, as Drexel students and as Americans, for your work and dedication!

Here is Rachel registering a first time voter. I have to think that if Mehcad and Rachel were registering students all this week, people wouldn't mind being asked for the 5th or 6th time if they were registered!

Mark warner on his qualifications to be senator.

john is starting to get on my

john is starting to get on my nerves... i say we overthrow him!

"We?" Sorry Mark, College

"We?" Sorry Mark, College Republican's don't get to "overthrow" the leadership of the Drexel Democrats!

I know you wish you could be in the Drexel Dems instead of the Robert Morris Republicans, but you couldn't hack it in the big city.