A Maverick? Or a Leader?

In more than one channel tonight they rhetorically asked if we were heading towards a new depression.

What kind of mentality is this?

The Washington Post's homepage today had a main story on the bailout bill, and two sub-stories, one titled "Obama urges calm" while the other was named "McCain blames Dems." This alone says so much about the state of our Republic, and the environment in which we trudge forward in this election.

"Obama urges calm." What does that tell us, what does that invoke in us? Here we have someone who is able to set aside desperation, who is able to take a step back and make a rational decision that puts the country above all. At times Barack's been accused of being "too cool" yet in these uncertain times I think nothing less is called for, as we try to sanely maneuver the pitfalls of Wall Street.

"McCain blames Dems." How about this little gem, what does it reveal about the GOP nominee? At this point, after a barrage of negative attacks it's almost expected. Because John McCain has no discernible ideology or clue about what he's doing, he has to go ultra-nasty. This is a man who supported banking deregulation throughout his career. This is a man who took on, then rejected, then took on the majority of his positions in his runs for the Presidency since 2000. This is a man who, in not knowing the difference between Shi'a and Sunni, hopes to lead the United States into a blind abyss where Middle Eastern geopolitics are concerned. Ultimately, this is a man who maintains the American voter in such low regard that he would use his first Chief Executive decision (the Vice Presidential pick) to overtly and shamefully pander to a segment of the population that in his personal relationships and reproductive rights policy has proven that he holds in even lower regard.

This is the true “maverick,” in the sense that he would gamble with the country’s future and chart an uncertain and tragic course further down the path of the last 8 years in a time when people need something to which to look forward. When almost everywhere we turn to says that things are awful, we need, as Americans, someone who can remind us that we can accomplish anything. We need a leader that invokes the spirit of Franklin Roosevelt when he shows—above all—concern for the working and middle classes that made this country strong. We need a leader that embraces the pragmatism of Bill Clinton when he espouses a forward-thinking vision for the economy that will reassert America’s innovation in the world. We need a leader that continues the promise of John F. Kennedy when he challenges us to rise above our limits and reach for the stars.

We need a leader like Barack Obama.

We need a leader with the

We need a leader with the Progressive thinking of Teddy Roosevelt. A leader with the honesty, desire, and determination of Abe Lincoln, a leader with the wisdom and understanding of George Washington. We need, Barack Obama.

Matt, that's a little

Matt, that's a little hagiographic, don't you think? This isn't a campaign ad; it's a blog!

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