Dear John McCain

Dear John McCain, I have been

Dear John McCain,

I have been following the presidential race since both parties began holding primaries and I have noticed some interesting qualities about you, some of which I found to be rather, interesting. These qualities seem to give you a SuperMan like power. For one, I once saw you in an interview say that you do not have much experience in economics only to say 11 minutes later in the same interview, that your econ plan would work due to your knowledge in economics. I want to learn all about econ in 11 minutes, can you please teach me how to learn something that complex in 11 minutes?

I also want to know why it seems, you have forgotten your maverick ways to become a Yes-Man to George Bush. Why did you do this? Why did you sell out the land you fought so hard for? Why did you turn your back on this nation? Why John, why?


Matt Bernot, A Concerned American Citizen.

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