The VP Debate

So basically, the way I see it, Sarah Palin will soon be forced to show the American people how stupid she really is [as if Katie Couric didn't prove it enough]. Joe Biden is about to destroy her verbally and in reality, this debate will allow the Democrats to take an even larger lead in the polls.

So the problem I have is this...what if Sarah Palin gets pulled from the ticket as Kathleen Parker would want the GOP to do.

"Her big interview of the week, with CBS News anchor Katie Couric, was sufficiently cringe-making to inspire conservative columnist Kathleen Parker to conclude sadly that for the good of the ticket and the country, Palin should declare she wants to spend more time with her family and step down. And watching her with Couric, you had to wonder what happened to the spirited, sparkling character who swept onstage in St. Paul and turned the race upside down." Quote from "In Search of Sarah Palin" by Nancy Gibbs read the whole article here:

Sarah Palin is nothing more than a liability, a lie, and an attempt by the GOP to allow a woman to enter the "Ol' Boys Club" but the fact is Palin is never seen outside of staged photo-ops and at McCain's side to boost the drawing power of the GOP.

Two more interesting articles,CST-EDT-edit28.article

"In the month or so since then she has been in lockdown, either lashed to McCain's side to boost the size of his crowds, or hunkered down in debate prep and remedial candidate school. No press conferences, few interviews, no questions allowed from the reporters traveling with her, no appearances on The View to stare down Joy Behar. Rather than playing to her strengths as a fresh face in an unendurably long campaign, they hid her away in a kind of conspicuous vote of no-confidence - which, one can only imagine, took a toll on her. I was struck watching her in St. Paul, where she appeared after five days of relentless media pressure and blew the doubts away, that she had the jauntiness of one who knew her own gifts: knew she could connect to a crowd and raise the roof and stomp her opponent with her sensible high heels. And of course, benefit from her critics' instinct to underestimate her.

"Now that confidence seems gone, replaced by cockiness - which is just insecurity on steroids. With Charlie Gibson the waters were smooth if shallow; with Katie Couric she seemed forever at risk of drowning in her own syntax. But if she's growing less surefooted with each passing day of cramming, who can blame her, when the highly experienced Republican pols around her don't seem to trust her to talk past her talking points. Talk about undermining your brand; if she was picked as the Outsider Original Maverick with the experience and courage to help clean up Washington, you can't argue that she's not giving interviews because the press is so mean to her. She's ready for a cage fight with Nancy Pelosi but won't sit down with Campbell Brown? " [In Search of Sarah Palin by Nancy Gibbs]

So, I only ask one question, how can the VP Debate go wrong?

Only of Joe Biden lets it.

Don't forget though, if

Don't forget though, if McCain replaces Palin, he's admitting he made a crucial error in judgement, and I don't think there is anyway he could win after that.

He and his apologists will try to keep a straight face through November 4th, and then come out and write books about how stupid Palin is.

Country first and all...

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